Can you re-grow over plucked eyebrows?

It's a common story, clients often come to our clinic wondering if they can improve sparse and over-plucked eyebrows from years of self brow maintenance. But can anything be done to repair them?


Well, the short answer is YES!


Here at Adam Williams Aesthetics we can now offer a prescription only treatment for this very problem. In the past few months you may have noticed we have been trialling a product for eyelash growth. This fairly new cosmetic treatment has been scientifically proven to improve lash length by 25%, double the thickness of the lash and actually darken it by 17% - a triple whammy!


Ladies with very fine lashes and spaces from plucking out false lashes or inserts have been overwhelmed by amazing results in as little as a few weeks or months. Well now, we are starting to offer the same prescription medicine for eyebrows. The product works by stimulating the hair follicle into growing the hair again. It's often enough to stimulate a dormant follicle or one that has become thin and sparse due to years of over plucking and damage.


This product has been through clinical trials to ensure safety and efficacy for cosmetic hair growth and has come out with consistent excellent results. However, as it is a prescription only medicine a thorough clinical assessment is undertaken by our Nurse Prescriber and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner Adam. This is to ensure it is suitable for you and safe for you to start.


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