Human Barbie 'flu Growing Trend?

We've recently come across a new 'trend' in young girls, particularly in the Far East but now spreading globally, to look like a human Barbie. The phenomenon is spreading little like a virus and has been coined as 'Barbie 'flu'!



Perhaps the most famous example of this is Valeria Yuklanova, who is the most famous Russian speaking 'celebrity' online due to her increasingly extreme appearance. She emulates the 'perfect Barbie figure' and has subsequently stopped eating solid foods in favour of a liquid diet to maintain an hourglass figure. Her regular self-picture posts attract thousands of comments and 'shares' (see below).


She gets up at 5am and has a 2-3 hour process of applying make up as well as cosmetic procedures to achieve the 'illusion' of becoming doll-like. Particularly startling is the use of contact lenses and white eye liner makeup to give the illusion of much larger eyes.


(Is this the future of aesthetics? Valeria Yuklanova in her extreme makeup)


The picture above is certainly disturbing at best with doll-like eyes and a eyebrows. It's almost hard to believe this is a photograph and not a digitally created animation. In fact, much of the trend started just like that, animation, Japanese animè to be precise.


There has been discussion surrounding the need for adolescent girls to want to stand out from the crowd and be unique. But is a liquid diet and extreme makeup the answer? We think not and are particularly concerned about the age of these girls.


Adolescence is a turbulent time with hormones racing and rapid growth of the body. At this crucial time it is likely to be even more harmful to reduce calorie intake and choose a liquid diet.


We also believe there may be clear psychological problems in choosing to look like a plastic Barbie doll and would certainly discourage any potential client from seeking botox or fillers in an attempt to achieve this look.


Fortunately, all our clients undergo a thorough consultation with Harley Street-trained Nurse Prescribers who are also experienced in mental health assessments. treatment can only go ahead once they are fully satisfied the client is seeking treatment for the right reasons.


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