Paul Gascoigne Admits he uses anti-wrinkle injections!

Here at Adam Williams Aesthetics we are noticing an increased trend in men seeking treatments for lines and wrinkles. Today the Telegraph reports that famous footballer Paul Gascoigne has 'come out' and admitted he has Botox injections!

 “Aye, I have had that Botox now and again, nowt wrong with that.”  (Paul Gascoigne May 2012)


We love Botox and we know it's nothing to be ashamed of but some of our male clients are anxious that they would look un-natural or stand out after having a treatment. However, every male client who has had Botox here in our Manchester city centre clinic has called or texted me within two weeks to say how much they love the treatment. The usual comment is that their friends have said they are 'looking really well' or 'fresh' with some people asking have they 'slept well' due to the effect.

Not a single one of them has reported that somebody asked them had they had Botox. This is something we're proud of: providing anti-wrinkle injections in a subtle and tailored way for the client to achieve the best results for them.


Here at Adam Williams Aesthetics we're proud to work with clients and tailor our clinical management plans to suit their face and lifestyle. We have a broad range of clients from celebrities and models to those wanting a boost after a difficult time period in their life such as a divorce! 


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(Image courtesy of Press Association)

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