Cosmeceuticals? What does this actually mean?!?



Cosmeceuticals are the combination of a cosmetic product, such as an anti aging cream, with pharmaceutical ingredients that have medical or drug-like properties.

We often hear of new products claiming to make us ten years younger in 30 seconds. We actually believe this is not possible, no matter how good the cream claims to be. 

However, we do our research and are constantly on the look-out for products to try out ourselves and even ON ourselves...


So we had a look through some of the products out there and are interested in some that contain medically-proven ingredients. One of these is hyuralonic acid, which is the ingredient in the dermal fillers that we use in the clinic. This substance absorbs over a THOUSAND times its own weight in water and does two things: it moisturises the skin from within and, secondly, it plumps up the skin as the particles expand with the water.


The second of our adventures in the cosmeceutical world involves mesotherapy. This treatment involves the injection of high-dose vitamins into the layers of the skin to deliver them where they are needed. The theory is simple: topical creams, lotions and potions, such as serums, typically penetrate the skin very poorly. On average, only 1% of these products are absorbed! Think how much you spent on that expensive serum and how much of it actually got into your skin? Not much!

The injection of the vitamins bypasses the top layers of the skin ensuring 100% is absorbed! We think an increase of 99% is a pretty good idea.


So what if you were to combine hyuralonic acid AND the high dose vitamins? Well, that would result in a plumping effect, a moisturising effect AND the absorption of the high-dose vitamins where they are needed to replenish the skin and make it look more youthful and fresh! And we now offer this here at Adam Williams Aesthetics.


Our mesotherapy treatments combine these methods to produce a natural-looking, healthy glow that you simply will never achieve with creams and serums. Our director, Adam, recently had the treatment done himself and just two days later says his skin is softer and more radiant than it has ever been!


Whats more, the treatment is virtually painless, due to the strong numbing cream we apply to the skin 30 minutes before the procedure so that it is as comfortable as possible.


How much does this cost? Well a lot of local clinics are charging £150 per treatment and it is recommended that you get three treatments as part of a course a few weeks apart. As always we like to give our clients the best value for money and as an introductory treatment offer we are starting this exciting new treatment at only £99 per session!


Get in touch NOW by clicking here as places are booking up fast and interest has been very high.


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