Meeting Kylie! A Celebrity Anti-Wrinkle Injection Lover!!!

What a weekend it was for our team at Adam Williams Aesthetics! We had the pleasure of attending an intimate concert from the amazing Kylie Minogue for a select 2000 fans in Manchester! Keep reading for more info and some fabulous pictures!



We also had the chance of meeting her again face to face before the show for the second time and can safely say she is looking FANTASTIC at 43 years old! The view from the front row was amazing and the show was the best we have seen in terms of interaction with the crowd and the amazing voice, often acapella, she projects from that tiny frame!


Kylie is a self confessed Botox fan and has been known to discuss it openly and seems to flit between having a lot of botox to wanting to tone it down. There are certainly some pictures of her looking a little too ‘frozen’ but the majority of the time she gets the balance just right.


We feel her choice to have some subtle work done is absolutely justified, especially due to the immense pressure she is under to perform and be photographed everywhere she goes.


We are amazed each time we meet how she still manages to remain grounded, friendly and polite for such an international megastar but long may this continue!


Have a look at our fantastic pics! 


We can’t promise to make you look like Kylie, but we can certainly give you a helping hand! Don’t forget to click here to get in touch and see what we can do!


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