Celebrities love anti-wrinkle injections!

altThe latest celebrity to 'come out' about their love of Botox is hollywood star Courtney Cox.




She told the Telegraph newspaper recently that she takes looking young very seriously and does her research. She admits to using botox when she is acting to boost her confidence and make her look younger. She also confesses she is willing to try almost anything to get the look she wants 'if someone said apple stem cells would work I'd be on it...!'

Interestingly, Courtney Cox used to be vocal against the use of botox but she seems to have changed her tune, and now incorporates it into her beauty routine along with other age prevention tactics including staying out of the sun and regular exercise.


It's hard to believe she is nearly 50 years old and looking so young, fresh and fabulous. I think her botox treatments are also quite gentle and are a subtle enhancement rather than an 'in your face' frozen look.


Often actresses, and in fact our regular clients, worry about having botox for the first time in case people notice it or that they will end up with a frozen look. However, botox is both an art and a science and the right doses injected into the right muscles on the face can both freshen the appearance and make you younger looking without that 'rabbit in headlights' look.


As we've discussed and emphasised before, here at Adam Williams Aesthetics we pride ourselves on making sure your treatment is tailor made to suit your appearance and enhance your natural assets.


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(Top Image courtesy of telegraph.co.uk no copyright infringement intended)