Its in our blood: New 'Dracula' Treatment for lines, wrinkles and volume loss?!?

A new treatment is about to hit the UK and hit it BIG! Want to know how your own blood can be used to rid those lines and fill that volume loss? Well read on...



Whilst this treatment has been around for a few years in the US and in sports injuries worlds, it is relatively new to the UK cosmetic industry.

This treatment, often referred to as a Dracula treatment uses a clients own blood to improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and replace lost volume in the face!


What is involved?

A sample of patients blood is taken in the clinic via a small needle, almost identical to the way you may have blood taken at your GP surgery. This sample is then put into a machine which spins it at high speed to separate out the components of the blood into different layers such as plasma and platelets.

The plasma is then drawn up into a separate syringe and used to inject into the lines, wrinkles or into areas such as cheeks to replace lost volume.



Well there are a few main reasons why this treatment is becoming more and more popular. One is that the results are similar to those of current dermal fillers used in the UK already. However, dermal fillers are made of synthetic chemicals called hyuralonic acids and carry the risk (very small) of allergic reaction. The advantage of using a patients own plasma is there is absolutely zero risk of allergy or infection.

Secondly, the high concentration of platelets and natural bodily chemicals in the plasma such as growth factors, promote healing as well as replacing volume loss. First indications are that the treatments are also long lasting and can even be mixed with fillers for additional effect.


Our verdict?

This is an exciting development in the cosmetic world and here at Adam Williams Aesthetics, we'll be keeping a very close eye on developments and will look towards providing this service in the near future to evaluate it for ourselves. If you would like to be considered as a potential trial patient for this then please get in touch!


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