"Drug Queen" gets anti-wrinkle injections IN PRISON!!!

We are MASSIVE fans of botox and fillers BUT getting them in PRISON is perhaps a step too far...


Well, not for Mexican Avila Beltran, one of the leading figures in the notorious drug cartels. This stiletto and sunglasses wearing high profile prisoner managed to get botox injections INSIDE a prison resulting in the boss of the prison and the lead medical staff member being sacked!

Almost too bizarre to be true, this cocaine trafficker managed to keep herself looking youthful despite being in one of the main female prisons in Mexico. Even more shockingly, the someone in the prison allowed a plastic surgeon to be smuggled to perform the botox injections BUT he was planning to return at a later date to perform LIPOSUCTION!!!

This long serving notorious prisoner, aged 50, has been allowed several enhanced privileges including being allowed to wear her own clothes, makeup and heels!

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