World's BIGGEST lips?!? More shocking pics!!!

Ok, after reading about the worlds biggest lips this week it got us really thinking about Kristina Rei, the 22 year old girl featured in the media after having more than 100 silicone injections...


This is Kristina before having any fillers or botox and we think she looks really natural, very pretty and overall very young, too young in fact, to have any filler or botox. 

But what went wrong?

Well, after seeing a cartoon character called Jessica Rabbit with her flowing locks, shiny dress and perfect appearance, that was it for Kristina, she decided that was the look for her!


Despite describing the silicone injections as 'extremely painful' she continued to return for further injections at £40 a time until well over 100 were done and her lips started to become more and more extreme, swollen and unnatural.


Apart from the obvious extreme appearance that the practitioner injecting this client has created, it really does raise some significant questions about their ethics as well as another common issue seen in the aesthetic world, that of mental health problems - specifically body dysmorphia and the often accompanying depression/anxiety. An experienced and qualified practitioner should be able to recognise these traits during the very first consultation and assessment and have a strategy to deal with it, refusing treating the client at all if necessary.


However, worryingly many filler treatments are now undertaken by 'beauty therapists' with little or no formal training in their administration, management and after care and clients looking for a cheap aesthetic treatment can be left very disappointed. Clients beware if you are looking for such treatments on the cheap! Get to know your practitioner, their work and check their qualifications. It is YOUR face after all!

Despite technically being an adult, at 22 and with an extreme desire to continue with lip fillers until she looks like Jessica Rabbit, we feel Kristina should have been recognised by the practitioner as being vulnerable and there should have been a high suspicion of some underlying mental health problem such as body dysmorphia.


She also revealed to the media that she at first started to notice her sister's lips and wished hers were more like them. Again, this should have started to ring alarm bells as aesthetic treatments based on somebody wanting to emulate another, especially a sibling can again be problematic and not be the greatest reason to undertake such a procedure.


Despite her shocking appearance Kristina still insists her lips are 'far too small' and despite the 'abuse' she sometimes gets in the street, she is continuing to have further treatments to make her lips even bigger!

She also states she loves the attention from some of the public, especially when they attempt to film her on their mobile phones and this is perhaps the most telling aspect of this whole situation. She craves attention and has resorted to an extreme measure to get it. Is this due to jealousy of her sister? Are there elements of body dysmorphia and depression? I think there are definitely elements of both and as a responsible practitioner would personally run a mile from this kind of client.

A frank and honest discussion would be done during the assessment and consultation and treatment definitely refused. We think to make money from vulnerable people or to continue treating someone with such extreme wishes and unrealistic expectations is just wrong!

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