Botox for the neck? Tell tale ageing signs - part 1

One of the giveaways to a persons' age is not just the face. Modern make up, skin creams and temporary tightening or lifting serums can give both men and women a youthful appearance, if only from a distance.

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Needle free botox?!

After reading a recent article in Cosmetic News, we were excited and intrigued to discover a recent development in the administration of botox. Needle free botox has been researched by many and one doctor in the Midlands named Dalvi Humzah has come up with a solution...partially.

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Would you let a beauty therapist inject you with Botox?!!

It seems there is a furious debate in the industry at the moment regarding beauty therapists injecting botox into clients...

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Baby Botox?!?

altWhat exactly IS baby botox?

Well this term has been doing the rounds for a few years now but here at Adam Williams Aesthetics you will know already our approach is less is more!

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Personal confidence 'soars' with cosmetic treatments!

A recent survey conducted by Cosmetic News Expo in London this year found that 61% of healthcare practitioners noted a dramatic increase in the personal confidence, mental wellbeing and general outlook on life of their regular cosmetic clients.

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Amazing new skin cream discovery!

I thought I would share with you all a little discovery I made as recommended by one of our clients recently. One of the main tell tale signs of a person having had botox to the forehead is a little extra shine to a circle in the middle of the forehead (Trust us, we've often sat spotting celebrities who've obviously had it done!).

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Botox on the NHS?

altControversial though it may seem, botox injections are actually available on the NHS.

Before getting too excited, it would be wise to read on a little further. Botox finally got the go ahead last year for treatment of chronic migraines. In people who suffer migraines for 15 days or more per month, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has licensed its use in the head and neck as a potential preventative treatment.

However, this has sparked controversy and there have been conflicting studies and evidence available on both sides. 

One of the original studies looked at over 1300 migraine sufferers and found that treatment with botox injections could reduce migraine attacks in just under three quarters of the patients tested by 50%. Although this may not sound amazing, a reduction in half the number of days of migraine can significantly improve quality of life.

Some of the controversy has been around cost, and some incorrect figurs of '£276 per injection' have been discussed. However, in a review of the evidence this year, the Review and Therapeutics Bulletin found 'little evidence' to support its use and found it actually increased the incidence of headache in 1 in 10 patients.

This conflicting debate does little to reassure users of medical botox for migraine, but the overall feeling is it should still be offered to those who feel they are benefiting from it and have a good result in reduction of migraine.

Overall, these recent studies highlight the need for more research into botox for medical conditions, but I suspect we will learn more and more uses for this amazingly versatile treatment already used medically for patients with strokes, multiple sclerosis and even an overactive bladder as well as for cosmetic use.

Are there any Botox side effects?

One of the most common questions we get asked here at Adam Williams Aesthetics is are there any side effects to botox?

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Botox? Its a wonder drug! Ugly Betty Star declares her love!

Vanessa“Oh, I certainly do Botox. I definitely think that almost every woman that I know has imbibed.”

“It’s a miracle drug - no cutting, nothing - and I love it.”

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Amanda Holden on Botox!

Since 'coming out' in 2008 and admitting she'd 'had botox once', Amanda Holden has been quoted in several recent magazine articles as regretting ever admitting she'd had the rejuvenating procedure done.

She now feels that because she's admitted it once, people are 'over scrutinising' every picture for signs of new treatment, so much so that she now regrets having it done. 

However, at Adam Williams Aesthetics I can't emphasise enough that the end result of botulinum toxin injections is very much an individual thing. A detailed assessment and consultation is undertaken before treatment to assess the face and discuss with the client the desired end result. 

Many clients these days are opting for a more subtle look whereas others ask me to 'freeze' them!

Again, all up to the individual, and Amanda Holden could continue to have subtle injections throughout her career and people may never notice. I can understand her apprehension about revealing this in the national press as its once again kicked up a buzz about cosmetic procedures both surgical and non-surgical. 

I also never fail to be amused at the TV personalities who seem to admit they 'tried it once' but don't have it now... With the dramatic youthful effect I suspect many of them continue to have this done but just don't discuss it. We're not talking complex daily routines of creams and serums, but a one stop shop of anti-wrinkle injections which have a dramatic effect and last a long time.

Still, overall it is down to the individual to 'come out', as it were, about their own treatment and some of our clients are extremely secretive, not even telling their own partners, and some are so proud of it they tell everyone! It's up to you...

Amanda Holden as Lizzy from BBC's Big Top